• An Operational Tool Kit for the development of interventions for the integration of immigrants through sport. The Tool Kit will be presented and disseminated within the network of project partners and made available online.
  • A training package for sport operator, that will be utilized in the national training workshops organized in the multiplier sport events


Report on the bibliographic research

Study: Bibliographic research for the identification of main challenges and needs and the characteristics of each environment and design of homogeneous cluster of socially excluded groups.

Report on stakeholders’ interviews

Study: report on the interviews of stakeholders, underlying innovative and operational issues with regard the social integration of migrant via sport in order to integrate the bibliographic research within the field experience.

Report on best practice analysis

Study: Report on best practices identified and interviews underlying positive and negative issues in the development of projects aiming at the social integration of migrants via sport.

Draft of the Methodological approach

draft of the methodology to be applied to develop effective projects

Report on the implementation experience

Report on each testing experience in which problems encountered and suggestions to improve the draft methodology for the finalization of the methodological approach and the development of the Tool Kit.

Report on sustainability

A guideline to design financial sustainable projects that also indicate the possible financial tools to be applied for the specific projects. An operational version (easy to understand and use) is included in the Tool Kit.