3rd Transnational Meeting

Online event – Thursday 22nd November 2021

The third transnational meeting of SIMCAS took place on November 22, which due to the COVID 19 emergency was held remotely. 

This meeting was aimed at launching the experimentation phase of the project and for this reason was attended not only by the coordinators of the partners but also the team involved in the experimentation activities.

The meeting opened with the presentation of the results from the last phase of the SIMCAS research, i.e. the survey based on the experiences and training needs of coaches, which highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of sports programs for immigrants in the local and regional realities of the participating Countries.

It was then introduced the SIMCAS methodological approach for the development of sports programs aimed at the inclusion of immigrants in critical areas, developed from the research carried out in previous months: an approach characterized by key elements aimed to create network, common goals and strategies in an inclusive and accessible environment with a staff as flexible and multidisciplinary as possible.

This approach will now be tested and implemented in the field for six months by the project partners, through guidelines and tools useful to:

  • testing how the guidelines fit into each context;
  • evaluate the model during implementation.

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