Start of the experimentation phase

Activities have been implemented, by each project partner, to test and evaluate the methodological approach SIMCAS identified through: 

  • a bibliographic research on the integration processes through sport and on the characteristics and difficulties of integration of foreigners in the chosen contexts;
  • interviews to stakeholders; 
  • an analysis of European existing good practices promoted by the project partners;
  • a survey on the experience and training needs of coach.

The activities will be developed by the project partners over the next 6 months in different environments (prisons, suburbs, refugee camps, involving first and second generation immigrants), with people from different cultures (African, Asian, Eastern European), arriving in different host cities (large cities and small/medium cities, in northern, central and Southern Europe), offering different sports (soccer, martial arts, basketball, rugby, theater) with different approaches (single sport, team sport, social support, etc.). 

The objective of the activities will be to promote empowerment and social inclusion of refugees through sport, managing different tools and approaches to create a sense of community, against discrimination and reduce barriers.

The implementation process, conducted on such different environments, will produce feedbacks that will be shared among the project partners and will allow the research team to introduce improvements in the methodological approach and its tools, increasing the exchange of experiences between partners, the skills of the project operators, so that they can be successfully applied in other contexts.

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