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Making integration through sport

Online event – Friday 16th October 2020, 10-12 a.m.  The conference gathers SIMCAS (Social Inclusion Methodology in Critical Areas via Sport) project partners and professionals and researchers in the field of sport-based social intervention, to discuss the role of sport in the integration of migrants and SIMCAS’s first research outputs.  The international conference “Making integration […]

Giornata nazionale lo sport che vogliamo

It is a day of sport promoted annually by the US Acli that takes place simultaneously throughout Italy to promote a sport inclusive, accessible to all and an instrument of well-being. It is therefore directed to citizens of all ages with a focus on the most vulnerable categories, including immigrants. For the 3rd National Day  […]

II Transnational Project Meeting

October 2nd, 2020 The second transnational meeting of the SIMCAS project will take place on October 2nd. Due to the COVID 19 emergency, the partners’ coordinators will meet via Skype to discuss the progress of the project and plan future commitments. In particular, the stakeholders’ interviews report will be presented and discussed. It is the […]

Bibliographic analysis report

May 6th 2020 The first part of the research aimed at defining the methodological approach for the development of immigrants’ integration through sport has been presented and discussed during the project coordination meeting on May 6th.  After the bibliographic analysis, the research work will include: stakeholders’ interviews; he observation of existing good practices at European […]