Giornata nazionale lo sport che vogliamo

It is a day of sport promoted annually by the US Acli that takes place simultaneously throughout Italy to promote a sport inclusive, accessible to all and an instrument of well-being. It is therefore directed to citizens of all ages with a focus on the most vulnerable categories, including immigrants.

For the 3rd National Day  “US Acli LO SPORT CHE VOGLIAMO: una risorsa per la comunità”, scheduled for the 17th and 18th of October, 80 sports events will be organised in respect of security and social distancing measures due to the Covid 19 emergency. The multidisciplinary and inclusive sports events will be held in places that are symbolic of citizenship lived or denied to be supported or relaunched through sport: disadvantaged suburbs, cultural sites, public squares and parks, sports fields and facilities, prisons.

This event will be an appointment for #Erasmusday, which will take place from the 15th to the 17th of October.

Events scheduled throughout Europe to celebrate and recount the Erasmus Programme

 I the numbers of the initiative

  • 16 regions involved
  • 41 provinces affected by the event
  • 55 municipalities involved
  • 80 scheduled events
  • 55 sports disciplines and activities promoted

For further information: Lo Sport che Vogliamo 3 Edizione